Thursday, 24 September 2015



Tengah cari ape tu?
ermm...cari diri sendiri. Siapa sebenarnya diri ini.

Termenung jauh dari benua asia hingga ke benua eropah dan sampai balik ke asia tenggara. Masih tak terungkai jawapan. Mungkin soalannya nampak mudah tapi sukar untuk dijawab.

Sesetengah orang mungkin dapat jawab dan sesetengah yang lain mungkin tidak. Lalu mereka terus mencari dan mencari.

my lecturer  had told me that 'if u want to know yourself ..go to bagpacking'. My nice friend also persuade me to go bagpacking with her. i interested to hear it but at first i think she was jokes around. I really wanna go for bagpacking but i still worry about the money. what the amount of money that i need to bring. i hope it is not over than 100 ringgit. i just wanna to save money for the future emergency. but i think that was so cool if can go to bagpack.

i had planned with my partner to go to KL because i 'm not already walking around there. i know so many beautiful place at there but i too worry about the cost. and 1 more thing is i worry about the pickpocket. i hope nothing happen to me when walking around kuala lumpur because usually i am very careless person.

i pretty sure that i will go to bagpacking after last this semester. Now, i am still studying at university and examination was around the corner. so, i hope i can get pointer 3.5 above. insyallah..

semestinya anda yang membaca my english writing akan merasakan 'teruknya english budak ni'. if u think so..comment me..give me some advice for me to improve my english.

actually, this blog just for fun. it just what i want to say from my little heart.i know who i am...just a simple minded person who are waiting for some magic or miracle.
nothing interesting about me..i writing the blog just for mumbling.

for who had read this entry...if u want to laugh on me...just laugh..i don't care about that..
i happy when u are happy...

okay...go back to my actual topic
bagpacking....i dream to go around the world before my Soul leave my body. i want to learn from the experiences. what kind of world actually..what purpose of life..what the reality that we should know as a human. Futhermore, i want to enjoy the beautiful places that Allah created. i wanna to show my grateful and thankful to Almighty God because He create me as perfect human and give me breath in this beautiful world.

Beside that,why i want to go for bagpacking is because i think i such 'katak di bawah tempurung'. But it is not me di bawah tempurung and i'm not katak. it was because i 'm hommie. i love to stay in my home. i just waste my time at home by watching tv,reading some books and take a nap. i love to be alone in home than go out and find people out there.maybe u think i'm vampire who scared of sun. maybe yes and maybe not...haha. for your information i have a bad life experience but i don't want to mention here because it will make me sick.

so that,please pray for finding myself through bagpacking expedition.

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